Applying for a Permit

“Here, you do it.” Too many times in life people are told, “here, you do it” but are never told what or how to do it. So we will help you through the process. Click on and print out the permits needed for any construction work you plan to do. Then click on the corresponding check lists to review what information must be included on you plans.

Permit Forms

**All permit applicants not meeting any of the Worker’s Compensation exemptions must supply a Certificate of insurance.

Commercial Plan Review Checklists

Residential Plan Review Checklists

Miscellaneous Plan Review Checklists

Did my Municipality Amend the State Building code and what is the name of my Building Code Official serving my Municipality?

These pdf forms require adobe reader to view, please follow this link to download if you cannot open a form

adobe reader


As the Building Code Official, I rely greatly on BIU's staff and their abilities. Their knowledge goes beyond just codes and their ability to adapt to a municipality's needs are remarkable.


If you are interested in a career in the code enforcement industry and possess applicable certifications, or are interested in pursuing a career in code enforcement, we would like to hear from you!