Services We Provide

BIU of PA is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry as a Third party Inspection Agency. BIU of PA can perform all inspections and plan reviews required by the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. Those inspection disciplines are:

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Fire
  • Accessibility
  • Energy

BIU of PA also offers the following inspection services:

  • Rental Registration Programs
  • Property Maintenance Program

    Property Maintenance Codes are established in municipalities that have reached a mature state of development. Property Maintenance Codes require either or both external and internal maintenance of properties to certain standards, the purpose being to prevent degradation of the existing building stock. It also guarantees that a uniform and measurable yardstick is used in the inspection process. There are two methods commonly used in this enforcement process: Complaint method and Neighborhood Method.

    Complaint Method

    The code officials are expected to center their efforts primarily on compliance.
    This approach satisfies the persons making the complaints and helps improve some of the municipality’s substandard buildings. However, it does little to bring about general improvement in any section of the community.

    Neighborhood Method

    Area-wide or neighborhood inspections, on the other hand involve systemic basement –to-roof , building to building, block-by-block inspections of all properties within a specific area and includes all the follow-up work required to bring all substandard buildings up to code within a reasonable period of time. By putting major emphasis on this type of effort, instead of on the complaint oriented approach, blight is checked and an overall upgrade is achieved in one portion of the community after another. Thus, this type of systematic inspection is both longer lasting and a much more effective method of improving and stabilizing property values than the traditional complaint method.


    No two municipalities are alike and not all municipalities have the pressure of blighted structures. It is prudent to put a process in place should any structure need attention due to maintenance issues. BIU has experienced code enforcement official to complement your existing personnel.

  • Back Flow Device Annual Tests
  • Sewage Enforcement Officer Duties
  • Zoning Officer Duties
  • Flood Plain Management Program

BIU of PA has the staff to handle all your code enforcement needs or to supplement your current staff. We can fill temporary needs based on seasonal work load or temporary absences of inspection personnel due to illness.


As the Building Code Official, I rely greatly on BIU's staff and their abilities. Their knowledge goes beyond just codes and their ability to adapt to a municipality's needs are remarkable.


If you are interested in a career in the code enforcement industry and possess applicable certifications, or are interested in pursuing a career in code enforcement, we would like to hear from you!