The most unusual casino buildings

All traditional casinos have a similar interior layout, including roulette tables, slot machines, poker rooms, bars, restaurants, and more. However, their exterior appearance can vary greatly.

Since gambling has existed for many years, some establishments have decided to stand out by adopting unique architectural designs. This allows them to be easily recognizable and differentiate themselves from their competitors nearby.

Impressive casino buildings from around the world:

Nevada State Penitentiary Casino, USA

Once upon a time, the Nevada State Penitentiary housed a rather unusual casino. Although it was not available to the general public, it provided a unique form of entertainment exclusively for inmates. While it may not have been among the top online casinos, its purpose was far from ordinary. The state prison casino sought to create a friendlier and less hostile environment among the inmates.

Cab Casino in London, UK

At Taxi Casino, you’ll find everything you’d expect from a regular gambling establishment, including a mini-bar. You can play online at the casino with a $1 deposit or ask the driver to take you to a traditional casino on Hill Street.

Esperanza Base Casino, Hope Bay, Antarctica

Guess again if you thought you couldn’t gamble in the most remote region. A group of Argentinian scientists and researchers established a base here and decided to add a small casino. While it may not have the same level of glamor as Las Vegas establishments, it is the only casino in Antarctica catering to players who find themselves at the Esperanza base.

Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

Located in one of the planet’s most remote areas, this hotel offers an exciting experience for adventurous individuals looking to play poker or roulette in an unusual setting. Guests also have the opportunity to explore the local opal mines. This is sure to leave unforgettable memories of the time of the visit.

Pyongyang Casino, North Korea

North Korea, where you can’t Download Megapari, Parimatch, and 1Win, doesn’t seem suitable for gambling. But there is a casino here! Pyongyang Casino, the only casino in the country, is allowed to operate exclusively for foreign players. Although the establishment has no local players or employees, anyone with the courage to visit North Korea can visit the casino.

You’ve probably wanted to visit at least one of these places, which is no surprise. That means it’s time to head out for adventure!